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    Hi Guys, been a while since i been here.. ;)

    I googled and all, found some batch scripts, adm files and more.
    I want to deply VNC on 60-70 pcs, so the manager can connect to the pcs with out the users watching them, i know it’s possiblle with VNC that no need icon or permission to do that.
    The VNC should be free as far as it’s up to 100 workstations.

    How can i use GPO to push the package (exe not msi i have found yet), and add that template adm file, they got thier own GPO.

    Will keep searching but maybe some1 can save my time,
    i prefer with GPO and ADM then with a script for the settings (password, etc).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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