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    Looking to sort this issue up:

    I appreciate a great job well done by Cruachan; my issue a little dissimilar – Allow me to kindly illustrate it.

    Ms Exchange FE and Ms Exchange BE both on Win2K3 SPII and Ms Exchange 2K3 spII

    TMG 2010 SP1 roll-up update1 on Win2K8 RII sp1.
    TMG installed as a back end firewall, while the front one is cisco 800 doubling both as a router and firewall.

    TMG 2010 has two legs (internal same lan ip as exchange FE and BE i.e. 192.x.x.x; external leg is 172.x.x.x — this external leg is NATed to the external firewall and to the internet IP 41.x.x.x

    I have published exchange FE with an anticipation of sending and receiving email (inbound and outbound) — this works OK — except that inbound emails with attachments NEVER GET delivered.
    –> although outbound email with attachments get’s delivered.
    –> firewall rules:
    a) allow, smtp server, from external and local host to exchange FE, users — all users
    b) allow smtp, from exchange fe and local host to external, users, all users

    Issue two:
    OWA never works – though I get the log in screen (while in the lan) and outside the internet — i log in then get the page “site not available”.

    I have no clue really what i need to do with TMG 2010 and why i cannot deliver emails with attachments.

    similarly – why owa never works – though when i click on test rules — all tests are successful and have are “green”
    path: /public/* /exchweb/* /exchange/*

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