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    I’ve implemented my own ca and I need that external clients who want to use rpc over https will be able to install the certificate without configure the outlook profile in the office first. When clietns surf to the owa page they can press the padlock and ask to install the certificate , but its not enough because they continue to get those cert warning message and they don’t trust the ca root, now as i understood those clients need to reach directly to the *.cer and *.crt files and double click on them in order to get it work.

    So I have two quetions:

    First , why after requesting the cert when I first implemented this I got those two files *.crt *.cer I thought i supposed to get only one. whats the difference between them and does the clients need to install both of them? what do they install when the press the padlock

    The second question, assuming there is no problem that rise from the first question. what is the best why to share those certs. ? I have a firewall , and only the necessery ports for exchange are open. If i’m not mistaken the remote clients can’t reach the server or to a share on the server. shuold I open a ftp on the server and on the firwall. I have another option; to put a link on my website and put the certs in the ftp on the isp server. but what security issues do I have to consider???


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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