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    I have spent at least 6 hours looking for an answer on this and I can not get anything anywhere. If this problem was already answered please post a link. Here is my problem!

    The IT Director made some changes with the website before he went out of town, and left me holding the nade. The problem is when anyone on the outside of our network goes to our website they will get a prompt to login (if I use my domain login the webpage comes up just fine) and it is a pubilc website, so we do not need a login. However, when in the office the website will not even come up all (says page can not be found). if I type the server ip address into IE it will then come up for me to login before viewing the webpage. I want to make this clear, this is the public website, and NOT the company intranet.

    I want to make it clear that I am not web guy by all means, and from the director’s actions neither is he. I am not sure if he done something to be the FIREFIGHTER when he comes back in town, but that is besides the point. Things dont just up and not work, some kind of settings have to be changed. I do believe that the problem has to be somewhere with permissions, please take a look at my screen shots and tell me what you think. (I have changed any reference that can lead this post to my company).

    Thankfully Yours

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