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Public Folders Problems

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    I have a problem concerning arrangement of Public Folders in my organization.
    I have a primary PF tree that is visible through the OUTLOOK, and beneath it there are many top folders that their ExchangeLegacyDN Attribute, are both 2003 and 5.5 servers. My given task is to arrange all of my Public Folders under the same top folder.

    After this brief summary, my question is this – is it possible to MOVE public folders between trees (I don’t mean main trees, but parent folders) even when the parent folders are located on different servers? (I added a small scatch)

    I actually created a top folder under the main tree, in a 5.5 exchange server, made some schedules in it and then tried to move it under a different, 2003 top folder.
    There were no problems with the schedules, permissions or any other notes after the movement.

    I want to ask if anybody here tried it and if so, were there any problems.
    I also want to ask, if there is any alternative weather the actions I took may cause problems in the future.

    Nimrod Shoshani

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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