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    When I setup the new server, I followed a guide to move both the mailboxes and public folders over to the new machine. The mailboxes have all been moved successfully and I’ve got the smtp virtual servers configed so I can send and receive mail. There’s also an isa server involved as a smart host. I want to take the old exchange server off-line permanently once everything is moved over.

    The problem is that public folders have not replicated to the new server and they seem to be in an in-between state after I did a “move replicas” as per the following guide:

    At this point, on the OLD server under First Admin Group/Folders/Public Folders, I can see all my public folders. On the same server under FAG/Servers/Old Server/First Storage Group/Public Folder Store/Public Folders, the list is blank. However, the public folder instances are still there. On the new server, there’s nothing, but that’s because the changes aren’t getting in to the public folder store.

    I’ve cranked up diagnostic logging and turned on message tracking and have made some progress but am not there yet.

    At this point I’m seeing the outgoing replication messages and through message tracking I can see that they are queued for local delivery on the new server, but are not being transfered to the public folder store. This seems to be an access issue as I’m getting a 6015 from MSExchangeTransport in my application log.

    The exact message is:
    Categorizer is NDRing a recipient with address:SMTP:[email protected] with reason code 0xc0040553().

    I’ve added (dword)SkipPublicMDBRestriction=1 to HKLM…MSExchangeTransportParameters in the registry (on both machines) and restarted the smtp virtual servers, which is supposed to fix this, but I’m still having the same problem.

    Does anyone have any further ideas?

    btw I manually added the proxyAddress and mail property using adsiedit because it was blank. I also noticed (through message tracking) that on the old server the status requests are sent to “ (”. Should I make anything of the fact that the new server is usings the public domain in the smtp name instead of the internal domain name?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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