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    I don’t use public folders in Exchange 2003. However, I can see public folder instances in my Exchange 2003. In all the articles I’ve seen in migrating 2003 to 2007, moving PF replicas was required. If I really don’t use PF in 2003, do I need to move the replicas to Exchange 2007? Are there system generated PFs that need to be moved? I was hoping not to move things when I don’t intend to use them.

    I need to decommision my 2003 and I wouldn’t want my Exchange 2007 to have problems.

    Also, if you could refer me to an easier way to cleanly remove the last Exchange 2003 in my organization and in AD. I only have one Exchange 2003 and one Exchange 2007 in my organization.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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