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    We’re looking for some advice before creating a PTR.

    The majority of our outbound mail is sent from our Exchange 2010 CAS/Hub, the Send Connector uses (which matches our MX record)

    We relay outbound mail via our ISP’s Smart Host. All inbound mail hits the same CAS/Hub.

    However we have one external IP for our MX record and a different external IP for all of the various associated A records (outlook, owa, autodiscover etc)

    Both of the external IPs route to the same CAS/Hub, but which IP do we use for the PTR?

    Advise differs between using the MX Record IP and using a hostname IP.

    Secondly, we also send outbound mail directly from webservers (using IIS) to our ISPs Smart Host and this mail has a different/unique originating IP to our Exchange mail – so does this mean that adding a PTR for Exchange could risk interfering with outbound mail flow from our webservers?

    Any advice appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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