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    I have tried using HTTRACK to copy a website from where it is being hosted so it can be relocated to a more friendly hosting site. The problem I had with HTTRACK is that it didn’t copy the image folder from the website and this is a problem as the owner has many images that relate to his business. Httrack copies all the text pages but leaves the images on the original location.

    The idiots that the site is presently being hosted with are refusing to provide the FTP credentials and will only give out the logon credentials to access the Joomla content. The owner wants to make changes but these can only be done through their tech support who is a programmer and knows nothing about the website side of their business. It is very frustrating dealing with the hoster.

    Just to be clear, Joomla is not being used for anything on this website. I believe that Joomla is only being used to justify the need to have to go through their income generating tech support when changes need to be made. There are no databases running for this website.

    Any suggestion would be most welcome as my Google Foo has not been with me for this.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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