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    We have a problem with our roaming profiles (which are used for staff only) on windows 7 and was wondering if anyone can offer any advise.

    I have got a group policy setting which redirects the users Documents, favourites, pictures, music, videos and desktop to their userarea. The setting in Group Policy is set to redirect to \servershare%username%documents… %username%desktop …. %username%favourites. So i create a new user from scratch (i shall call the user “TESTUSER”)… putting in the profile location and userarea. The profile location \serverprofiles%username%.

    When the user logs on, i can see the documents, desktop and favourites folders created in the userarea.

    Now the problem comes on windows 7 when i click Start > {name of user} (this been TESTUSER) and it displays the local folders for this user. From here if i double click documents, it redirects me to the userarea… the same with favourites and desktop so i know folder redirection is working, this was tested by going into their userarea and creating files.

    Now this is where the fun begins… so say i have clicked Start > TESTUSER and i create a folder in this area (im not to sure what this area is called, so i will call it the local profile), the folder will be stored in the users profile, meaning if they create lots of files and folders in here thinking that this will be their userarea their profile is going to be huge.

    1. How do i stop users from saving things in here…
    2. is there a way i can redirect {name of User} link from the start menu to directly point to the userarea rather than the local profile

    When the user logs off, i can see that the profile has been updated on the profile server store.. but i cannot access it, so, I make sure that the group “staff” has full access and the TESTUSER is a member of staff, thinking this would work.. but no… when i log back into the system with TESTUSER i get a nice litte message saying that the profile could not be read and that it is using a previous profile.. Now when i log off, the profile is not updated on the server… and the files in the local profile of the machine stay there without being copied over.

    We even have some users which dont have a roaming profile instead just have a local profile, this saves the bandwidth on the network… on win xp they cannot access it which is great.. on win 7 they can save things to the local profile.. so that when they go to another machine and need to get to the file they have just saved its still on the other machine…

    Why is this so awkward? With XP, it was so straight forward.

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