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    Hi. New member and a couple of quick questions. I am running a Virtual Host ( Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 running on Server 2003) and a virtual guest ( Server 2003 on which I am running Exchange 2005)

    Currently I am having to shut down the Virtual Guest OS ( taking Exchange down with it obviously) to backup the vhd and vmc files.

    I am thinking about deploying the MS Data Protection Management 2007 product as a test.

    Should I install this on the Host Server or Guest Server.

    I have space on another actual server to run the backups at night across the network ( gigabit) and my backup currently takes about 35 minutes ( 22GB or so).
    backing up exhange only once per day is acceptable, as we do not host our email, but rather I poll a remote pop3 with a pop3 connector addin,

    DPM 2007 should allow a ‘live’ backup, but am unsure on which box to install, or should I do both ?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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