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    I’ve been having trouble getting our ESX 3.5 to see an iSCSI target.

    It has not been set up previously to use iSCSI on our ESX host. I have followed the directions in VMWare’s documentation using the VI Client with no success.

    I’ve also redone it using the command line. Still nothing when I rescan several times in VIC.

    So, I might have traced it down to a problem with the VMKernel NIC: it responds to pings using vmkping on the host. However, should I be able to see it from the LAN? From my workstation it does not respond.

    The list of IPs: – our SATABeast which is configured to be the target – the VMKernel NIC on vSwitch2 – the service console on vSwitch2

    I can see the target at and the service console at, but not the VMKernel NIC.

    Any tips? I’ve had a couple of weeks trying to figure this out and following the directions over and over but still no result.

    Or is there a chance that something was set up originally (several years ago – before my time with it) with the ESX host that is preventing any of this?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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