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    Hi All…

    I have followed instructions explicitly from Petri’s site to run XP SP2’s NTBACKUP under Vista Enterprise and Ultimate, only to get this error… The error occurs after I have stepped through all of NTBACKUP’s options, and want to start the backup. The last message I see is: “Preparing the Volume Shadow Copy Service”, after which it bombs. This, BTW, happened on all 4 of my PCs running Vista – a mix of Enterprise and Ultimate. I even asked a buddy of mine to try it out… he’s getting the same issue. Here’s the log file it generates:

    Backup Status
    Operation: Backup
    Active backup destination: File
    Media name: “ROOT_C_Full_Backup.bkf created 5/30/2007 at 2:02 PM”

    Error returned while creating the volume shadow copy:Catastrophic failure

    Aborting Backup.

    The operation did not successfully complete.


    As Petri’s article stated, I copied NTBACKUP with associated .dll’s to a different subdirectory, and made a shortcut to it. (ie. Ntbackup.exe, Ntmsapi.dll, Vssapi.dll, Ntbackup.chm, Ntbackup.hlp) I installed and enabled the Removable Management Service. I’ve checked and made sure the Volume Shadow Copy Service is running… All is running well, and I’m not getting any ohter errors.

    I’ve read somewhere that NTBACKUP is not compatible using Vista’s Volume Shadow Copy Service, which is why it bombs. I cannot turn this option off under NTBACKUP, unless I just want to copy a couple of simple files… however, even then, it still bombs with the same error.

    If anyone has gotten this to work successfully (like backing up your Entire C: drive including the system state), please let me know what you had to do to make this work?


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