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    Dear all,

    As said earlier I am studying on SMS2003 and presently what I see is that I can push install clients from the admin console on the system with firewall disabled but not been able to install clients from the SMS server to the systems which have firewall enabled (winxp sp2 ) even what I see is that, if I enable the firewall on the system which has got the client already installed, remote tools stop working or the otherway SMS admin is unable to connect to the client.

    Now, my question is firewall is by default enabled in winxp systems and if I have to go to every workstation to disable the firewall to install the client, then whats the point of having smsadmin as the local admin on the client systems and what the whole point of having a management software itself.

    Is there a workaround of the firewall problem, can’t it be done with firewall on and having the admin account itself?

    please help. comments always welcome

    Anyway I have also edited the firewall settings to enable all traffic from localsubnet through ports : 1761,2701,2702,2703,2704,135 TCP, But the smsadmin console still does not talk to the agent.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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