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    I have a server with 2 network cards, eth0 applied to Intranet and eth1 connected to broadband router.

    Because it´s an small network (14 users) I installed DHCP & DNS in the same file server.

    RIP were installed between both cards.

    Until this morning my users were able to receive their dhcp addresses and use the ActiveDirectory as authentication method for access the domain (file server) and connect to the Internet.

    But it seems that in the evening something happened because this morning they were not able to obtain their addresses from the local dhcp so the network were stopped.

    I checked and restarted the dhcp and dns services several times and no errors were reported but the users did not gain the access.

    So because the Internet access is ADSL, I connected the Broadband router to the switch and they were able to obtain their addresses from the Internet Provider.

    Of course some of the Server´s services were not reachable because were based on the Server´s Intranet Address.

    I shut off the server either without success.

    What´s could be happening????

    Before the trouble I was able to conect to the Server via remote Desktop but now I am not able to do it.

    Ideas welcome?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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