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    Afternoon everyone,

    A month or so back, our company migrated from an SBS 2003 Standard system to a new system based around Server 2008. At the time, the SBS box was flattened and used for something else. Due to the numerous problems with the old system, we rebuilt AD from scratch (only 25 or so users). Users were told to backup their mailbox to PST, and we also extracted their mail using ExMerge so that it could be restored to the new system.

    Naturally before starting we took several backups with NTBackup – one to tape and one to USB hard drive. We also copied the server partitions to the HDD with robocopy.

    Now, we need to restore from this backup as we are unable to recover two users’ mailboxes as the PSTs generated by ExMerge are corrupt, as is the backup one of the users created (the other user didn’t take a backup). I have followed Microsoft’s guidelines to the letter ( but after restoring the system state, the server bluescreens during bootup (BSOD details also to be posted shortly). We’re restoring to the same server and there have been no hardware changes.

    Basically, all we need to do is extract the mail data from Exchange for these two users. Can anybody either suggest something to help us restore the system state (required before we can restore Exchange), or suggest an alternative method of recovering the mail data?

    The same problem occurs regardless of whether we restore just the system state or the contents of the HDD partitions as well, and regardless of whether we use the tape backup or the BKF on the hard drive. In each instance, the 3 partitions are being formatted first and we’re installing the same version of the OS. I’ve also tried installing the same service packs before restoring (and tried installing with slipstreamed media), with no luck.

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