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    i have two questions:


    I have one exch 2003(without sp1) server which is also the dc (2003 server+sp1).
    client: xp+sp1 outlook 2003

    I followed the articles:

    Configure SSL on OWA
    Configure RPC over HTTP/S on a Single Server
    Configure SSL on Your Website with IIS
    Configure Outlook 2003 to use RPC over HTTP/S
    Testing RPC over HTTP/S Connection

    I’ve already implemented ssl with owa ( i used 3rd party ca but which is unknown to the clients, until i had it myself)


    Configured Exchange to use RPC over HTTP/S.

    Configured the RPC virtual directory in Internet Information Services.

    Configured the RPC proxy server to use specific ports.

    Configured the client computers to use RPC over HTTP/S

    I’m trying to access from the lan
    outlook.exe /rpcdiag

    i see it still uses the tcp/ip
    i tried to do it by force (only caused troubles, the esm didn’t run)

    when trying to connect through wan i get the logon box(where i need to enter the user/password)

    and i get a message that the exchange server is unavailable(while i know it is up)

    kill me i dono i followed all the steps carefully.

    2. one more problem is when i’m trying to connect simply by outlook from the wan(without using ssl and all that stuff) to my exch server i’m entering my exch server(external fqdn) on the profile configuration and it doesn’t work , only ip but when i use owa from wan there is no problem in resolving names(dns seems to work fine)
    furthermore, when i complete the profile wizard i’m trying to connect and i get the user/password box(because im entering from a computer which is not part of the domain) and everytime i insert the cardentials, the box jump back like if there is a problem with the input.
    I’m sure my user / password is correct


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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