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    Hello to All!

    I have a problem with my POP3 clients, might be, somebody can help me ?
    thank you!
    I have two separate servers, one with Win2003 Standard + MS Exchange 2003,
    and the second server is running SBS2003 + MS Exchange 2003.
    Two servers are in separate IP subnets, uses separate MX records for
    separate domain names.
    We use SMTP connector, MX record in ISP DNS, all clients use MS Outlook and connect to servers via local network.
    My manager asked me to organize POP3 server for PDA access.
    I enabled and started POP3 service on both computers.
    I bound POP3 to local IP address (I don’t know if it is important :)

    Then I created POP3 account in Outlook Express, I can send…But I cannot receive….
    OE hangs up while trying to receive first message….Finally, it stops with error message “POP3 time out…”
    This happen on both exchange servers….
    in Exchange system manager, I can see POP3 sessions…

    I am stuck with this problem…I checked two things:
    1) I checked that I can connect to server from client
    2) I checked account properties in OE.

    I noticed that I can receive messages from my mail box which have been sent from local system, I mean that in address FROM: I can see something like [email protected] .local
    So that I feel that the problem is that I cannot download to my OE client message with FROM: outside world….
    I also from client site tested : telnet serverIP 110,
    I was able to see all messages and open any…everything was fine….

    does it make any sense ?
    any ideas ?

    please help !!!

    thank you,

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