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    I have some experience with ISA 2004, but not with ISA 2000:( On this week I rebuilt our old server with SBS2003 and ISA 2000.
    Because before I never had a deal with ISA 2000, I have a problem and I don’t know how to resolve it:
    when I connect remotely to that server via VPN, by some reason I cannot ping internal IP addresses. How to enable that ping ?
    Is this the big issue ? I mean that I can survive without that ping response, but I am just wondering how to enable ping for internal IPs ?
    Because, in fact, I have OWA up and running, all internal clients can access internet via proxy server, and skype can connect on local computers. From that I can assume that in general everthing is all right.
    But why I can’t ping internal IPs when I am connected via VPN ?
    What I did: I added manual ping response for external card. It means that I can ping remotely external IP…but not internal…:(

    please help!
    Thank you! :)

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