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    in my network in domain with windos server 2008 i installed WDS server on member computer under windows server 2008. In my network there are ADDS, DNS and DHCP servers. DHCP server is on microtik router. from this router my network receive internet and ip addresses. on router is configured in scope options: 066 and 067.My workstations boot successfuly on wds server, but workstations with intel undi pxe 2.1 (build 0082)and realtek gbe family adapter have problems. i receive message when workstation try booting DHCPProxyservice did not responde on port 4011. I created discovery image and put them on CD. When workstation boot from CD i receive message ‘wds client there was a problem initializing wds mode’.
    I don’t know what i do. i installed realtek driver in boot image, i changed boot options on wds server nothing.
    What i do? Plz help me
    also i tryed boot my laptop which have intel undi 2.1 with realtek gbe family adapter and he have same problem.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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