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    I have posted this in networking as I think its more a router issue than a server issue.

    Basically I get this problem on certain networks, but not all networks, whereby when I try and access the public FQDN, for example,, that resolves to, from inside the local network, it does not work – if I ping it inside the network, it returns results for, but If I try and access outlook web access for example, it will throw up a page cannot be displayed error.

    It seems like the local network or the server is still resolving the name externally, but then the router will not allow the traffic destined for any particular port out, and then back in to the network so it blocks the connection.

    Some systems, this does not happen – FQDN can be used internally and externally.

    But on the systems where it does not work, I end up having to add a manual DNS entry on the server that resolves to the local IP of the server ( for example) and then normally I need to add an entry for the public website, ie > 234.456.567.67 or whatever.

    Im not sure if its something Im missing, or if there is a reason this is happening.

    It probably only happens on 5 out of around 40 networks that I manage.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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