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    Good afternoon,

    It’s been a little while since I posted so hope your all well, thought it was time to pick everyones brains again…

    I have managed to upgrade 12 of our Terminal Servers to SP2 but one will not take the update…

    Right the setup is:-

    • 13 Windows Server 2008 x64 boxes, running Terminal Services
    • All were running SP1 and came from the same template.
    • All are virtual machines running on ESX4 hosts and with the latest VMWare Tools and Hardware installed.
    • All are running IE7
    • All are otherwise fully patched

    I ahve two entries in the system event log. one Eventid 1 (SP start install) the other Eventid 8 (failed service pack). The error is:
    “Service Pack isntallation failed with error code 0x80041002”
    This is the same error code seen in the installer. We have tried initially by pushing with SMS2003, but this failed on them all, we then did a manual install on each box for testing before we roll out to the entire estate and this works all bar this one box.

    We have ran the system readiness tool this seems to run through fine, no errors.

    We have ran an SFC and all comes back clean, there is no vmdk corruption either. There is nothing else in the event logs, im a bit stumped!

    Any ideas?

    Thanks Martin

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