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    I’m about to buy anew server to be as multi-purpose as possible.

    I’m not sure what OS to use: I’m guessing that Windows 2003 Standard Server will be the one to go with though…

    I’d like this machine to be my front-end exchange 2003 server but i’m also interested in using it as my CRM Connector for Great Plains, which likes to have SQL or at least MSDE locally.

    Everything I’ve read said that if the CRM connector is installed on SBS then it can exist fine with SQL AND Exchange on the same box. I believe this is coming from the SBS design and not a requirement of the CRM Connector itself though…

    Does anyone think it will be a problem install SQL 2005 on this machine as well as Exchange 2003? (Assuming the CRM connector will work)

    Further more if i decide to use SBS instead, will it still play nice with the other Server 2003 Standard machines in my domain? I.E. exisitng Exchange 2003 DC and SQL 2000 machine, running Great Plains.

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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