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    Thank You for the help guys…I am in serious trouble right now…did try to google / look thru the forums, but can’t quite find the solution….

    I just installed another Exchange 2k3 Ent in a new server following the “Exchange Server Deployment Tools” and select “Install Exchange 2003 on additional servers”. I went thru all the checklist items (pls note, I didn’t do DomainPrep becoz it states “If there are no existing Exchange 2003 servers in the domain, run DomainPrep”…but since I already have an Exchange 2k3 server running, so I assume I don’t need to run it, right??).

    Anyway, the setup went pretty well and I’ve applied SP2 successfully. I open Exchange System Manager and can see both servers under “servers”, so thats all good. Now here comes the problem….

    1. I tried to move a testing mailbox to my newly installed server mailbox store, is all good!! However, the mailbox that is being moved to the new mailbox store can only send / receive internal emails. External emails cannot get thru nor emails can be sent externally (i.e. to gmail / yahoo). Is there anything that needs to be set??

    2. OWA seems to be not working for the mailbox that is moved to the new mailbox store, I know it is something related to a Front-End / Back-End server setup, but not quite sure how to do it…

    3. My ideal plan is to have both servers running and use the old server for SMPT / HTTPS relay and store all the mailboxes in the newly installed server, am I on the right track to this as of now? Not sure if I’ve screwed up anything during the installation…..

    Thanks for the help!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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