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    Hi guys!

    We have 2 Cyberoam firewall, connected with IPSec, which everything is working fine except one thing.

    Subnet 10.1.*.* can access all server (2003 or 2008 ) over the subnet 10.0.*.* , or ping. On the other side, it’s the same thing except 1 server, which is a 2008 and the only of the branch.

    I can’t ping the server, can’t access it. We have no firewall onthe server enabled, only NOD32, and when it’s disable, it doesn’t change anything.

    Any idea? I doubt it’s the firewall related (cyberoam) since I can ping or access all the other server, and there is no rule to block this.

    Thanks if anyone can help me.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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