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    Hi All,

    My boss uses his Windows 7 PC at home to make a VPN connection to his PC in the office. His local PC at home has an HP printer connected to it. He wants to be able to print from within his VPN session, that is, if say a Word document is on his PC in the office, it needs to print to his printer at home.

    The VPN session is initiated using the standard Windows 7 networking feature to create a new VPN session.

    Then a Remote Desktop Session is created, using say mstsc.

    I know this can be done, but I am stuck. This is what I have done so far:

    – Installed the printer’s driver’s onto the PC in the office, and at his home.
    – Shared the printer at home. The printer works fine at home.
    – In the Remote Desktop’s Local Resources tab, I have ticked Printers.

    But when we try to print from the PC in the office, we do not get an option to print to the local printer at home, and I also am unable to setup the printer either.

    Should it be attached to a specific port?

    So please, thanks to anyone who can help, what am I doing wrong, and / or is there a definitive guide to this feature somewhere?

    Many thanks.

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