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    Hi all,

    hopefully someone can make some sense of this and advice accordingly.

    Our HQ runs 2012R2 domain using a range of 192.168.0.x.
    domainameFPS is our file&print server and has all our printers installed.
    We also have a satellite office (G2) that has a lan to lan connection with HQ, so computer/users have to authenticate with AD across the internet. All data resides at HQ so again, redirected userdocs are accessed via the internet so to speak. This isn’t really an issue for us. However they do operate on a different network of 10.121.1.x and the Draytek router handles DNS, DHCP and routes the lan to lan to the Draytek at HQ.

    With me so far? :)

    There are 2 printers in G2. They are installed onto the FPS (at HQ) with an IP address in the correct range for G2 (10.121.1.x) and GPO pushes the install to the computers in G2. Users can see the printers and print to the queues. BUT the jobs never come out the printer. They don’t show up as failed, no errors are reported, they simply don’t come out.
    If i install the printers locally on their computers all is fine and dandy, but that’s a ball-ache. I really need them to be able to print from the GPO deployed printers that sit on the FPS.
    From HQ i can ping them, and look at the webportals of each printer at G2 to alter the configs.
    Can anyone think why they won’t work? And maybe a way to resolve this?

    Thanks for any advice offered.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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