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    I have an odd situation with one of my users that I can’t seem to figure out. Right now my company is experimenting with VDI and thin clients. We have brought it live for a small group of test users and the issues that have come up I have been able to eliminate except this one. I am not super familiar with everything going on as I am learning it now (got hired and tossed into the middle of the project since the guy running it left).

    Basically we have two servers, both of them 2008 R2. One of them is a connection broker and the other is hosting 40 Windows 7 virtual desktops. Everything is Microsoft so we are using Hyper-V and nothing else. To deal with printers, we are using the Easy Print driver solution. On the end user side, all of the users (except one) is using your average desktop comptuer with Windows XP. The one user having an issue is using a thin client by HP running Windows XP Embedded.

    When a TIF comes in their email, all of the users I have tested work perfectly fine. The TIF opens in the Windows Picture Viewer and prints. The one user I have on the thin client doesn’t. The print job appears to go through as I can watch the printer queue and see it hit the redirected printer on the VDI. However, it never shows up on the local computer’s queue. It seems to get lost between the VDI and her thin client. Everything else prints fine as I tested Word, Adobe, Outlook, Notepad, etc. I tried her account on another VDI thinking there may be an issue with the VDI and the issue followed. An interesting item is that if I open the TIF in paint, it prints, but not well enough where I could offer this up as a solution.

    I just wanted to know if there was anyone who could help me out at all? I have run out of ideas and am looking for some help.

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