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    I’ve got a client with a Canon IR C3880 network printer. It does scan-to-email fine, but now they want it to do scan-to-file.

    They have a workgroup based network of 4 windows 7 computers. The “server’ is running windows 7, and has a couple of shares on it. There’s no question of having exceeded the number of limits on connections here.

    The share is setup fwith full control for everyone, on both the share and FS level.
    The printer refuses to see the share. The other workstations can see the share.
    The printer can see the other workstations, but not this one.

    I’ve tried using IP, I’ve tried using hostname.
    I’ve ensured netbios is enabled on the host. I’ve ensured that the ip address and hostname are correct.
    I’ve ensured that the smb authentication levels are lowered
    It’s also using a homegroup, if that makes any difference.
    they are all in the same workgroup “workgroup”
    the host CAN print to the printer.
    there’s no specific software that can be installed on the host to assist with this.
    we managed to scan to a different computer.

    the only thing I can think of at the moment, is there’s a problem with whichever is the master browser. the “server” machine is on a wireless network (who knows why) and all the rest are wired in.
    So I do wonder if maybe the Wireless router is not passing the broadcast packets, even though it’s all on the same subnet.

    I have found a suggestion to add the entry for the printer into lmhosts.

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