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    I have an annoying problem.

    I want to prevent computers (Win 7 & Vista) joined to our domain from applying the group policies described on our domain controller.
    XP computers don’t have this problem.


    We have 1 domain controller, 1 fileserver and 4 terminal servers. All of them are windows server 2008 R2. Most of our users use remote desktop to connect to the terminal server. A small part works on a local computers with the necessary drives mapped.

    We have set various group policies. Drive mappings, internet explorer security, etc. The policies are applied based on membership of a specific security group in the active directory.
    There are lots of different drive mapping policies per office.


    The policies work fine on our terminal server.

    But whenever I join a Windows 7 or Vista computer to our domain, the policies are applied to this computer. Thus setting the drive maps to our fileserver.

    So whenever a user works from home he/she cannot access his/her files because they are on the fileserver and cannot be reached from e.g. home. And, for example, the desktop on the terminal server and the local windows 7 computer are the same.

    Is there a way to prevent those drive mapping policies (and all the other gpo’s) from running on local computers joined to our domain.

    Here’s a screenshot of our GPO mmc. The policies are in the folder “Group Policy Objects” and are linked in our self-made OU “Terminal Servers”

    I wanted to add an image but I am not yet allowed to do so :).

    Many thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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