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    Hi everyone and thanks in advance to any help/advice. =]

    I have a Windows 2003 SBS with Exchange 2003 server. I have XP clients running Outlook. The clients are connected to the Exchange server and have POP accounts as well. I currently don’t have Exchange receiving my mail, but it is configured to send mail. This way the clients can use POP to recieve and the default account as Exchange for sending. Everything works fine.

    Ok, some users have Blackberrys and as a result, mail that is sent from [email protected] to [email protected], gets queued and routed for local delivery…thus the mail never reaches the BlackBerry’s. I can’t afford BES, and the BB Redirector is pathetic at best. Is there any way to force Exchange to send ALL mail to the internet, even if the destination is going to be back on the same server?

    I have tried things like changing the default e-mail addresses for users to mydomain.local, but this just causes more problems.

    Thanks agian everyone for your help. =]

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