PPTP VPN to Pass NAT on Cisco 2921 Router

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    I am struggling to have my PPTP traffic to get routed through NAT to reach other Server LAN segment. I am using Cisco 2921 router as a PPTP server.
    This Cisco 2921 router is working as PPTP server and doing NAT also to reach Server LAN segment (LAN-B).
    My problem is after PPTP connection establishes I cannot reach any of the LAN segment, but after connecting PPTP I can browse Internet without any issue, but none of the LAN element is reachable. Please have a look on the configuration I am posting 2921 router configuration to suggest something, I have also attached the network setup for better understanding…Just to update Clients in LAN-A can access Internet as well as servers (LAN-B).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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