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    In the UK, most ISP’s still use PPPOA. One of the biggest providers are now using PPPOE.

    I recently looked at a SOHO unit, and was familiar with the most of the configuration including LAN IP and mask (standard class C), but unsure about the WAN side;

    IP Address 81.x.x.x
    Gateway 81.x.x.x (first 16 bits the same as the IP)
    Preferred DNS x.x.x.x (i know about this bit)
    Alternative DNS x.x.x.x (i know about this bit)

    I wasn’t there for long, but puzzled about the following;

    * The IP. Is this the address a web server would reply to the customer on?
    * The mask. This is a residential unit – why the subnetted mask. Is there a block of IP’s being shared on the line?
    * Gateway. Is this the at the ISP end?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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