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    Hi all. I’ve gone through the prerequisite processes to get ready for our upgrade of our single server Exchange 2003 environment to an Exchange 2010 environment. I’ve got the the new 64bit 2008 server box stood up and ready to install Exchange on it. I’ve patched it, got .net 3.5, and got powershell v2. AD’s forest and domain structure have already been prepped to the exchange 2010 and Windows server 2008 version.

    So now onto my question. Can I just go ahead and install Exchange 2010 during business hours? Or should I expect a load of grief from the Exchange 2010 trying to “take everything over”? I’ve gone through to try and see what to expect with this. Should I expect the install to finish and then reboot the machine and still have the 2003 in control of everything? Then be able to migrate role ownership from the 2003 box to the 2010 box? Or will the 2010 box assume those ownership of everything as part of the install.

    I hope this makes sense, and maybe I’m over analyzing things. I just wanted to float this out there before I took the plunge.



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