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Portable 5-bay Sata Raid

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    Hello World,

    I am a software engineer for a small firm. Building my first (production quality) server and had some hardware questions. We are planning on this box being the first Windows 2k3 server running SBS. We plan on it doing nothing but serving files. The demand is pretty low. We have 15 clients but only 5 which are really putting any real demands. However, these 5 clients are mission critical so fault tolerance and down-time are critical. In addition, the current server is Windows NT which will remain the PDC so login and profile information won’t be a strain.

    I have been researching different hard-disk configurations. Ideally we would like to keep the OS and Data separated. So what I have been thinking is a raid1 for the OS and a raid1 the data files. My justification for this that keeping the data separate from the OS allows for an easy rebuild of the server on corruption.

    So as I was researching different options I came along this:
    Link to product info site.
    It has 5 sata bay drives which are all hot swappable. It connects via Firewire and has many raid configurations available. Any of the bay drives can be designated as a backup drive to rebuild an array on disk failure.

    I showed this to my manager how instantly fell in love with the idea. His main points of interest is that in a worst case scenario where the server fails we can unplug the HD-unit and plug it into another box.

    I did some research out there and didn’t find allot of competitors or even a mainstream brand name carrying this type of solution … which makes me think that it is not common.

    So the main question I have is: Has anyone used this type of solution before? If so, did it work well? Any suggestions and/or recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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