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    Very strange problem, I cannot resolve it, please help!
    SBS2003 – client(W2k Pro + Outlook 2003).

    My goal is to configure external POP3 account – very easy, isn’t it ?
    I created new profile in MS Outlook, configured POP3 mailbox, tested settings (all fine). The problem was with receiving. in Outlook, in status bar, I saw – “Downloading message 1 of 22 (5Kb of 222 Kb)….”, then in status bar “Downloaded” or smth like that….
    But INBOX was emtpy! All messages just disappeared.

    Then, on the same computer, I configured Outlook Express with the same pop3 email box – NO issues – all was fine!!!

    I configured one more email box in Outlook – exchange based mailbox. It was fine.

    I guess that smth wrong in the combination Outlook – POP3 mailbox.
    I don’t know what’s going on….
    And, as always, this is very critical for users :)
    I am still trying to find any information on the Internet, but….no results as yet…

    Any ideas please!

    thank you,

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