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    Hi all,

    we use a LG-Nortel digital telephone system.
    We have 3 no. ES-2024G switches, uplinked to each other via one of the gigabit ports (no SFP).
    Just about every port is being used to power the desk handsets, however each handset has a passthrough port which then connects to each users pc, giving them their network connection (we don’t have enough floor ports available and adding more is not an option).
    LG assure me that it’s purely a passthrough coupler and that no speed drops should happen.
    Ok so far.
    Having looked at the manual, it says this:
    The first six ports on the switch can provide up to 30 W of power to a connected device. The switch can supply 15.4 W simultaneously to 12 PoE devices among 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports, or 30 W simultanesously to six connected PoE devices. The total power can not exceed 185 W PoE power budget.”

    Now, i don’t really understand the power reqs etc, but all the pc’s connected to the swtiches via the deskphones will either have 10/100 or gigabit lan cards in.
    Can anyone see any reason why we shouldn’t operate this way?
    Of course, if the phone system needs to be rebooted then yes, we’ll lose network connectivity for that short space of time, but other than that…?
    Could the lower power to the remaining ports not be sufficieint to provide gigabit speeds?
    I’ve personally performed a lan test on my pc using the phone passthrough and connecting it via the floor box, both hit 11MBps (so almost maxing 100Mbit), which aint too good tbh, but they are at least consistent.
    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks. :-P
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