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  • Brad Sams
    Brad Sams

    Hey Everyone,

    During the past several years, this forum has gone through several big evolutions and as the technology world continues to move forward, we are about to bring this forum forward with it.

    Targeting the update to be pushed the week of the 28th, we will be migrating this forum to BBpress which sits on-top of WordPress and will help us modernize the experience from an infrastructure perspective.

    A few things to note about this migration: all topics and users will be migrated to the new system. We may lose some attachments and avatars in the migration; if there is anything that is of significant value, take the time to back it up (and realistically, storing critical attachments only on a forum isn’t a great idea anyway).

    After the migration, your username will stay the same but you will need to update your password.

    Our goal with the updated forum is to make it easier for us to manage but also combine the user database with the rest of the site so that front page comments and forums use the same database. Further, with this migration, we will continue to make investments in the forum and to give it more visibility on to help grow the user base.

    The intention of this migration is to help bring more life to this part of our community. While we know that not everyone will want to leave this platform in favor of BBpress, the long-term impact will be a significant net-positive for this community.

    Brad, Executive Editor –

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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