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    I just bought Dexter Season 3 off eBay only I think it might be a pirate DVD. For information my DVD region is region 2 (UK/Europe).

    I first suspected it when I noticed the blockiness of the picture … I have a 42″ screen it’s true but I’ve never known a legit DVD be that bad quality. Nearest I ever saw to that was a friend who downloaded a copy of “Let Me In” (Swedish version) because he’d heard it was a good film and the opening scenes were so full of artefacts he turned it off after 10 minutes and bought the DVD.

    Following that I began to research it and now have the following reasons for suspecting it is pirate:

    • The video quality mentioned above which implies some significant compression.
    • The cover artwork which is the Region 1 US version (a shoulders/head shot of Dexter in some kind of smart sports jacket) where the artwork for R2 seems to be a very clean white and red look with a shoulders/head shot of Dexter looking more serious and wearing white.
    • Despite the above the DVD plays on my bluray player which cannot play region 1 DVD’s implying it is region 0 (region free) … to my knowledge no series of Dexter on DVD is available legally region free.
    • Putting disk 2 (4 episodes of approx. 50 mins with no extras) in my PC indicates there 0 of 4.35GB remaining (implying a single layer DVD), some comparable series weighed in at 7.1GB (The Mentalist S1, Disk 1), 6.87GB (Babylon 5 S3, Disk 3), 7.64GB (Criminal Minds S1, Disk 5) & 5.97GB (Buffy S3, Disk 3).

    It’s true he (the seller) does say it works both region 1 & 2 (I only checked it did R2 before I bought) and I don’t think he’s actually a seller of pirate DVD’s (as in routinely doing so, per a business) per se but by the same token I do not think he should sell something he (presumably knowingly purchased pirated) to me.

    So I wonder if anyone here has a copy of Dexter S3 and can check the data size of disk 2 in their PC … under Windows 7 it’s easy enough, put the disk in and check in computer, you’ll see a DVD drive and a data size (0 of X.XXGB) below it. If you can please can you let me know along with what region it is and whether it is from a reputable seller or not … I’ve attached a picture to show what I mean.



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