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    Okay you have to read all the way through this because the usual answers do not work here.

    I attempted to add a new domain called ccs to an existing tree called cccm.lan. After what appeared to be a success, not only did the server for cccm.lan fail (I could no longer log in after a restart and as it turned out AD did not start) but the server for ccs also was unmanageable.

    Now luckily I was using Parallels on the cccm.lan server, so I was able to revert to a snapshot from a prior day. Theoretically this should have put me at a place where cccm.lan knew nothing about ccs. I then tore down the ccs server and built another one up from scratch. So far so good.

    But now when I try to create the domain again, in the same manner as before, I first get an error saying that a prior domain exists with that name, and do I want to replace that information. If I say yes, it seems like it is going to work, but fails with an error saying that the domain or computer name matches something else on the network. There is nothing else on the network named ccs I have looked.

    So it must be coming from Active Directory, right?? How domain information is still in AD for ccs after I reverted to a snapshot from before I created it astounds me, but whatever. Maybe it got copied back from a replica. Who knows?

    At any rate, I have used ntdsutil to try to clean up the metadata, but there is no information there referring to the ccs domain. In fact there is no where in active directory or dns with references to the domain or the server, EXCEPT in Active Directory Domains and Trusts. THERE I see it, but I cannot delete it!! I have used ldp and the server nor domain shows up there.

    I am completely baffled. I need a way to purge AD from all references to the server and domain but there does not seem to be a comprehensive way of doing that. It’s like the domain was a rabbit in a little cage called Active Directory and left droppings in the cracks and crevices that I cannot fully get cleaned out, so another rabbit refuses to live there. That is to say, I cannot add the ccs domain because active directory still thinks there is such a thing, only there isn’t and every tool to see if there isn’t confirms that there isn’t, only AD thinks there is when I try to create it again. Does any one else get sick to their stomache when having to work with active directory? Because I sure do.

    What in the world do I do??

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