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    Would you agree some 95% of Windows updates are unlikely to serve any useful purpose for 95% of us users. Most are just dreamed up by MS employees as just another nerdy example of Parkinson law of ‘ jobs for the boys, such as below. I know of folk who never accepted any of these wretched updates for years without any problems. That is until one day they tried to install some fancy new software only to find it needed some weird update, so they finally then updated.
    If it is not bad enough having to stop using the PC for some 15 minutes or so while it updates and keeps restarting to install some MS rubbish, I now suspect some free registry cleaner included in my fully paid up AVG, though marginally speeding up the PC has corrupted the list of such Updates. I had the same problem when I paid AVG for an even more thorough Registry cleaner awhile ago. So I am now being bombarded by stupid requests to keep installing updates I already have installed. Therefore it is not surprising I have been obliged to opt to receive NONE of these updates until early next month when presumably we will all be bombarded with umpteen more largely unnecessary updates, in the hope my registry will correct itself by then.
    One more example of nerdy nonsense, I was asked to update my details such as my home address for my web site host due to another of today’s endless takeovers. The crazy form had a compulsory line *Region. I tried my county, UK, England, even Europe and was even thinking of entering Earth or Solar System. But in the end I risked phoning them on an 03 number, only to find I was talking to a lady in the Philippines, hopefully not to be charged for an International call. She tried for several minutes to discover what the nerdy fools who designed the form expected us to enter for ‘ Region’ So I asked her to email me. The answer arrived today to confirm my details have now been accepted, but no indication as to the secret what the fools expect has to be entered for the Region!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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