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    I have a 2 probs I need help with and Im hoping someone can help…


    I need to hide All users all contacts etc from my users view in outlook 2003 …. in adsi edit which group needs to have read permissions denied etc


    I have created another address book and given myself under my domain login full rights to the address book ..but from within outlook I cant add contacts to the address book which I thought I would be able to …

    Im not an exchange expert I know my way around it but a bit confused why if the permissions are set it wont let me add to it ….

    Prob 2

    I created another address book denied everyone and auth users (oops) and deleted it …(oops agan) so anyway in adsi edit the address book is still the

    How do I reset the permissions on it so I can delete it properly … someone suggested but just want clarification in case I got it wrong

    dsacls CN=Configuration,CN=Services,CN=company,CN=Address Lists Container,CN=All Address Lists,Cn=Test1 /R Everyone

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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