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    3 tier folder setup – This is on a Windows 2003 Ent Server SP1, 2 node cluster.


    Permissions set on the dir “Saved”

    (inherited from drive root)
    Admin > FC
    Everyone > Read
    System > FC

    (additional permissions – all set to This folder, subfolders and files)
    Network Service > Mod
    IUSR_1 > Read and Delete
    IUSR_2 > Read and Delete

    When I look at the permissions on <systemID> (3rd party software creates these as needed, so can’t set them manually each time).

    The permissions are still there and inherited, but the IUSR_x special permissons are set to “This folder only”, but Network Service is still set correctly.

    When I then look at the directory <UserID>, all the Drive root permissions are set and even the Network Service is set, but the IUSR_x permissions are not even listed !!!

    If I change the IUSR_x permissions to modify, then it all works fine, just when the permissions are special (only read and delete wanted !!!), the book stops at the first subfolder.

    Any Ideas. See attachment if none of the above makes sense.


    I’m sure I must be missing something totally obvious, surely this isn’t one of Bill’s “special features”.

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