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    is there a way to permanantly remove policy restriction on a pc? my issue is we have a GPO on our pc’s here at work to not allow certain programs to be executed or run..(games, ex: sol, pinball, etc..) i have several laptops that i setup for our salesmen who are always on road and travel and they dont have to be in the restriction.. when they are at airports, hotels, etc..they are allowed to play..i was wondering if there was a way to remoave the GPO on there laptops without them having to bring them in to me.. they have admin rights on the laptop and i know the program here you can download kills the policy temporarily.. i want to disable it permanatly from the laptop without the need of them bringing the laptop back in.. they only come in once a year.. they all live nationwide.. can this be done? i figure if it can be done temp it can be done perm? thanks steve

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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