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    Hi all, (mods – please move if not in right forum). :razz:

    I’d appreciate any feedback on my network plan (attached).

    Basically i’m trying to save my friend some money.
    The PC that will act as a file server in the plan is a Dell Optiplex with core2duo. I’ll add more ram and install Server 2003 on it. It will really only serve files. The macs are the main workstations (for graphic design) and will be working on files directly on the server across the gigabit lan via a ProCurve gigabit switch.
    I’m just wondering whether there’ll be any cross-platform issues with samba shares etc. and indeed what i’d have to do different for the macs to see shares correctly?
    I’ve not really networked pc and mac together before so can i expect them to work without too many issues? Macs are all 10.5.8 and client pc’s are XP and vista.
    The server will not be used for DHCP, DNS or Printing tasks, the clients will be manually assigned.
    I will take advantage of VSS though, and as you can see the data will be backed up daily onto an external hdd which will be taken off-site. This will give 3 days of FULL data backups (more externals can be added if need be). VSS will be used for the times when someone accidentally overwrites something they did earlier.
    Client was concerned about backing up the macs, but if the data resides on the server, then only applications will be resident on the macs. I’m sure i can image those on an ad-hoc basis using his Retrospect software.
    The HTTPS webserver is for secure login to the server to access files from home if need be. It also serves as a forum-type gui so he can supply user accounts to his clients who can login and up/download files to/from him when needed (i.,e. when mailservers can’t handle such big files).

    My biggest concern is that there may be for example 3 users all working on different photoshop files on the server that could be up to 1gb in size. Is this likely to cause bottlenecks? I guess in these extreme cases they could copy it to their workstation then copy it back when finished with.

    Any and all comments are welcome. I’d like to get this right for him as its his business.
    Thanks for any advice offered. :)

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