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    alright … to make it simple ….. i am a computer technician … (not a programmer sadly) and believe me, i have to reset more than one password a day … now, i built myself a small utility : bootable 128mb usb key …. on there i already put some utilities such as hdd diagnostics (for maxtor, seagate and wd most companies we use) i aslo have memtest on there, qt pro … now , i still have a couple of utilities that do the job but they all run under linux and the key boots under dos … and since im not a linux freak … i need help putting the utility on the usb key …. most other programs on there run through or on a ramdisk ….

    now, the main question…. would anybody happen to know another password reset tool that could be implemented to my key .. or how to make the linux utility work on it …..



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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