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    Hi Daniel
    In regard to a post by ‘sputnik’….

    quote “you’re booting into a DIFFERENT OS and using the old HD as a slave? Then that’s not a “forgot password” issue, it’s simply a file permissions problem.

    Try to grant the user that you’re using on the new OS the Full Controll NTFS permission on ALL the old HD, including subfolders and files, and make it propagate down.

    If that doesn’t help you’ll need to take ownership of the folders and files and propagate down, then give permissions.”

    I have exactly the same problem and i have tried the above I believe except the OS is Win XPHM on both HD’s. Have installed old HD as slave after corrupted NTFS would not let me boot it. Have tried allowing permissions, sharing and changing folder options but nothing seems to work…still get access denied. Any further ideas?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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