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    My question is related to setting password policies in the Default Domain Policy. This is for Windows Server 2008 R2. What I plan to do is create the password policy for the Default Domain Policy say on a Monday.
    What effect does this have on the users? For instance, when does the policy get applied to all the users? What is I want to set the policy on a Monday, but over 3 days apply it to the domain users?
    What if some of the users are logged into their computers at the time? Do the users need to log off their computers and get prompted to change their password?
    What effect will this have for remote users who don’t log onto the domain, but only check email via OWA.
    I have two users I want to exclude from this password policy. If I just go into the GPO and use Delegation and select ‘Deny’ for Apply Group Policy’, then the GPO should not apply to them?


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