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    Hi Everyone! This is my first post, be considerate.

    BTW here’s my problem:

    I just bought a new pc without any softwares in it. And I installed Windows XP Pro SP2 by following the Step#3 in this site:

    I have 40GB hard disk and i want it to partition in 2; 22GB for System files and 18GB for my local files. And on Step#3 number 7 in this window: i type 22000 for my sytem disk.
    My problem is that after complete install, I only see the system disk(about 22GB) in drive C, CD-ROM in drive D and Floppy drive A.
    My question is: Where is the 18GB of the hard disk? How will i use this without reinstalling my OS?

    In this step#3.7 “If you select a new partition during Setup, create and size only the partition on which you will install Windows XP Professional. After installation, use Disk Management to partition the remaining space on the hard disk.” Where can i find the Disk Management mentioned here?? And how I will use this to recover the lost partition??? I have Windows XP Pro SP2 installed in my PC.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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