panic! server wont boot. raid1 failed!

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    Could you believe that both WD 500gb SATA hd died!? raid1!! NEVER get WD drives. Thanksfully i had the old drives (ibm scsci) lying around – and after a while the server was up again.

    They just had 1 month old!!! both failed in the same day, minutes of difference.

    Uff…now users have a mail difference of one month. This is a SBS 2003 r1.
    I have access to one of the WD drives (one died completely, and the other wont boot but chkdsk repaired things…). So as a secondary drive i have access to the ”server”…

    Now, hard part, can i export as a pst, ost, you name it , the users exchange? so i could import to each box and therefore fill that month gap?

    Hope im clear.
    thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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